About Us

Bilingual Communications is here to put people at the core of translation services again

Our Mission

Connect communities with quality communication.

Bilingual Communications is here to put people at the core of translation services – facilitated by the digital world. We believe in the power of building a bridge with language across your most valued communities, combining the smartest technologies with translators that are native speakers and have degrees in linguistics or translation.

We’re changing the way schools, governments, and businesses work – from SMEs to enterprises; using affordable, efficient and effective translation to connect minds, and grow channels of communication.

Our Vision

Your future, facilitated by human translation.

We want to shape conversations that drive collaboration, through translation services built by those who love language.

We know that alone, machine translation won’t quite cut it: humans make communication better by creating layers of meaning, especially when they’re bilingual language specialists. Technology has its place, sure – as an enabler via glossaries, character recognition and even deep learning – but not as an end-to-end interpreter. And as our world continues to thrive on global networks, we want to empower businesses and local communities to be a part of conversations with the people who matter the most, through translations created by people who care.

Our Team


Founder & CEO


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Our Story

After years spent selling translation software, Albert Kadosh learned that it couldn’t quite replace the value of a quality bilingual translator. As a Spanish and English speaker, he saw first-hand what we all see with machine translation every day – but he also saw the impact that poor translation has on business and education.

Disillusioned with the industry’s increasing focus on automation at the expense of quality, he dedicated his time to developing a hybrid solution. Founding Bilingual Communications in 2003, Albert wanted to strike the right balance between technology and people, facilitating English-to-Spanish and Spanish-to-English translations with words crafted by humans, and processes accelerated by digital applications.

Now a scaling family business, with a growing team of specialist linguists, and the web platform to get the job done in record time, Bilingual Communications this way means nothing gets lost in translation.

Your cloud-based translation service

Your cloud based
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